17-18 November

The main objectives of digital economy are to increase efficiency of the government structures, improve public services for citizens and increase competitiveness of the industrial enterprises.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Tatarstan – Minister of Informatization and Communication Roman Shaikhutdinov shared his experience in implementing Digital Economy program on the example of Tatarstan and spoke about government role in implementing digitalization program in the frameworks of the II IoT World Summit Russia in Kazan.

This program involves implementation of digital technologies in several areas: modernization of the state structures, production and life quality. According to Shaikhutdinov, a transition to the so-called microservice model is taking place in the state administration.

Today, the realization of public services in electronic form is the main product of administrative reform. As a result, decreased time for sending and processing of citizens’ applications, increased work efficiency while the number of state employees was reduced.

Now there is also the task of expanding the functionality of the platform to provide public services in electronic form. In the nearest future in this system, users will be able to make a comprehensive request for any life situation, for example, after the birth of a child, when the complex of corresponding services for TIN registration, creation of medical insurance, etc. will be automatically generated.

As Shaikhutdinov said, the main thing that should bring digitalization in the field of public administration is to give citizens more convenience: “In Tatarstan there are about 680 types of public services provided in the field of municipal government. Our goal is to reduce their number by using data and automatize the process as much as possible. ”

The role of the state in the digitalization of real economy sector andindustrial production is to encourage industrial enterprises to use new technologies, the minister said. It is necessary to influence the mental perception of the Heads of IT departments on industrial enterprises that are interested in the positive economic effect of technology.

A digital economy based on data should result in lower costs and greater growth, as well as increase the competitiveness of companies.

But the problem is that so far the main desire to participate in the digital transformation of the industry is expressed not by business leaders, but by vendors.

In order to change the situation, vendors and system integrators need to find economical justification of innovations. Service providers should be able to find a niche for digital technologies in all industries and for each specific enterprise and give them the opportunity to significantly change the business for the better.

“The cost of investment in Russia is quite high, so the justification cost of digitalization should be economic efficiency increasing for each particular product by at least 15%. And you need to look for exactly those points in the enterprise that would give a such effect, ”concludes Shaikhutdinov.

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