17-18 November

StartUp Tech Hub

StartUp Tech Hub – meeting area of innovative developments, technological entrepreneurs, investors and big business.

StartUp Tech Hub. The Future Is Now

Special forum of Redenex digital summits (IoT & AI World Summit Russia and IoT & AI World Summit Eurasia), where all the benefits and advantages are concentrated for every and each participants: those who work-out innovative solutions in IoT, those who implements such solutions in their manufactures, and those who search for high-promising projects for investment.

Major exponents are the most interesting and forward-looking start-ups who develop innovations in IoT.

Application areas:

  • Smart Industry, industry 4.0;
  • Smart Environment/Smart City (fintech, big data)


Start-Ups units

  • Own projects and solutions presentation
  • Get in touch with business and government representatives
  • Contracting and partnership

Funds, Accelerators, Incubators

  • Innovative solutions for investment search
  • New projects for incubators involvement
  • Own start-up projects and solutions presentation
  • Collaboration benefits presentation for forward-looking start-ups attraction


  • Innovative solutions for implementation search
  • Innovative solutions for investment, own incubators and acceleration programs search
  • Corporation business needs presentation and implementation partners attraction


Business Program

  • Startup showcases
  • Discussion sessions/interview
  • “Just Do-IоT” session
  • “Don’t-Do-IT” session

Interactive Meetings and Networking

  • Pitch- session
  • Speed-Up Meetings
  • Hackathon


  • Start-Up Space
  • Corporation business needs presentation and implementation partners attraction
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