17-18 November

AI and Robotics

There is expected the predominance of the using AI in medicine, retail, transportation, finance, marketing, media, games and other industries. Leaders who understand how to properly use AI technology for business will share their expertise. As always, there are a lot of real projects from the corporations, more practice. Explore the real potential of AI, robotic models and robotic processes, how to manage them and their impact on our professional and personal lives. Do you want to know the experience of the most innovative companies and technology leaders?

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Key topics:

  • Speech and visual recognition for predicting the occurrence of dangerous situations
  • Reduce data processing time and prevent fraud through machine learning
  • Reduce budget and time for diagnostics and human resource management
  • Increasing customers and the quality of customer service with using virtual agents
  • Human-machine interaction in order to increase labor productivity.
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