7-8 october
2020 year
Trends and Analysis

The largest international event dedicated to digital transformation and implementation of artificial intelligence and Internet of things technologies in the work of companies from various sectors of the economy took place in the capital of Tatarstan. Summit Results IoT&AI World…


In an interconnected digital world, the digital transformation of companies is still one of the major topics on the minds of CEOs and CTOs everywhere, regardless of whether they run small family businesses or large companies with a global presence….


Dueling neural networks. Artificial embryos. AI in the cloud. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) designed the annual list of the 10 technology advances they think will shape the way we work and live now and for years to come. Every…


By 2030, urban areas are projected to house 60% of people globally; the city governments will face enormous pressure by then. In recent years, the earth’s temperature broke the historic record of past 130 years; global warming is truly happening….


Gartner, Inc. today highlighted the top strategic Internet of Things (IoT) technology trends that will drive digital business innovation from 2018 through 2023. In addition, CIOs should ensure they have the necessary skills and partners to support key emerging IoT…


The main objectives of digital economy are to increase efficiency of the government structures, improve public services for citizens and increase competitiveness of the industrial enterprises. The Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Tatarstan – Minister of Informatization and Communication…


The venue for the III IoT & AI World Summit Russia 2019 will be The Kazan Expo international center – a modern exhibition center, which in August 2019 hosts the 45th World Championships of Professional Skills according to WorldSkills standards….


By 2020, according to the company J’son & Partners Consulting, about 34 billion devices with smart technologies and telematics capabilities will be connected to the Internet. This includes smart meters, smart home devices, and machine tools equipped with sensors. We…


Inna Braverman is an Israeli entrepreneur. Co-founder of Eco Wave Power, the company that developed the patented technology for extracting clean energy from waves. What started your path in the energy sector and why was Israel chosen, not your own…


For 5 years of the World Smart Energy Summit Russia, we noticed: the value of our event is that the program is 80% of the examples of practical experience in the implementation of advanced technologies. March 26-27, we will talk…


We talked to our speaker – Stephen Mellor, Chief Technical Officer at the Industrial Internet Consortium, USA – about the development of the IoT systems market. At the World Smart Energy Summit Russia, he will tell us «What does the…


Whether modern technologies and innovations are ready to deal with the most important issues of energy efficiency and energy saving? Whether the state, large and small businesses are ready to significantly increase energy needs in production processes and life support…

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