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October 2019
Kazan, Tatarstan
IoT in action: from strategy to results
IoT solutions
+ IoT Leadership Programme от Cass Business School
Oscar Perez-Cordoba Davila: implementation of IoT-solutions in the management of major sports and entertainment events


In particular, Oscar Perez-Cordoba Davila will talk about world trends and practical cases on the implementation of IoT technologies in the following areas of the operating activities of sports arenas: 

• Maintenance of the stadium 

• Operating activities 

• Safety and Security 

• Advanced multimedia functionality 

• Logistics 

• Interaction with fans (from ticket sales to entertainment in the arena) 

Sports entertainment is becoming one of the most influential industries and technologies that are used in sport (especially operating activities and marketing). They are developing very quickly, so it is necessary in our time to monitor trends to avoid getting out of this game. 

Sport has always been a part of the "one big show". However the leap that IT technologies have made over the past 10 years made sport an incredibly interesting niche for developers and investors. 

According to Mr. Davila: "In today's world accurate calculations and correct analytics are becoming the keystone of success or ,conversely, a failure of any business project. That is why a proper operational management of the sports arena can bring to the owners serious dividends in the form of sponsorship investments attracted by the constantly filled stands. Nowadays a stadium should work every day, not just on weekends. It must be fully integrated into the city's infrastructure and deliver benefits to its citizens 24 hours a day, every day per week. 

To achieve this without the use of modern technologies is almost impossible. And IoT solutions play a revolutionary role in this process. The operation of a large sports arena means the collection of a multitude of data and indicators. Earlier the analysis of such information was not considered to be sufficiently useful and influencing the business process. However today’s "Internet of things" technologies bring previously unknown opportunities for analytics and decision making and a modern sports manager is doomed to failure without them”. 

Speaker experience

Director General of INsports and EuroLatam and Managing Director of the European Association for Stadium Management LaLiga.

Founder and Head of the European division of Insports - an innovative agency headquartered in Barcelona, ??which cooperates with clubs in Europe and Latin America in the directions of improving best practices, technologies and building strategic relationships. Key activities of the company are projects for elite sports facilities of such clubs as Valencia CF, Villarreal CF or FC Barcelona. 

Oscar is also a coordinator between The European Stadium, The European Association for Stadium Management (ESSMA) organizations and LaLiga which unites 42 professional clubs in Spain. 

Earlier Oscar was the head of Media Operations at Copa America Chile 2015. At this position he was developing a strategy for the infrastructure of 11 stadiums of the tournament. In 2014 he was the head of the Media Operations of the FIFA World Cup for the Arena Pernambuco (Brazil). In 2013 he led the operations in the field of information technology and mass media for the FINA World Championships 2013 and for the junior championships IAAF in 2012. 

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