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Preparation for the World Cup 2018: five smart technologies that should appear at Russian stadiums before start of FIFA World Cup

According to organizers, up to 1.5 million foreign fans and tourists will attend the final stage of FIFA World Cup which will be held in the summer of 2018 in 11 Russian cities.

Such an event is not only a sport extravaganza but also it’s a lot of obligations that are imposed on the host country of the tournament. The primary goals in organizing such events were, are and will be the creation of maximum security and comfort for guests and participants. Representatives of organizing committee of World Cup 2018 Planning have repeatedly stated that IoT technologies and the implementation of smart solutions in the stadiums and in the infrastructure of the cities, hosting the championship, should help organizers to hold the event at the highest level and to exclude possible unexpected situations. 

We can highlight five principal directions among various smart technologies that should greatly enhance comfort and safety of fans at Russian arenas of the forthcoming mundial: Five principal directions of smart-technologies at stadiums 


High-density Wi-Fi “Smart” security systems Unified Media Systems New energy-saving technologies Geolocation systems and mobile services


1.      High-density Wi-Fi,providing simultaneous wireless Internet access for thousands fans of the arena as well as for services maintaining matches. For this purpose, stadium sectors must be literally crammed with optical fibre and wi-fi routers so that every meter of the stadium would have the same high level of signal. 

2.      “Smart” security systems  - one of the key aspects to manage a large sports facility. Faces allocation in the crowd, fingerprint recognition systems, “smart” fire extinguishing systems - all this must prevent and analyze the causes of emergencies. 

3.      New energy-saving technologies will allow you to collect statistics and build energy consumption charts, also to use alternative sources of energy consumption. The main task of implementing such technologies is the energy resources optimization in the city.

 4.      Unified media systems of football stadium. The main goal of innovations is to unite all the video services of the stadium - screens in the arena and facade, monitors and TVs in fan zones and VIP boxes, mobile devices of fans - into a single video system on one technological platform and with a common control center in the media room of the sports facility. 

5. Geolocation systems and mobile services for stadiums. Different algorithms of calculation for optimal passage routes and waiting time in a line, non-cash payment services for shopping, also smart parking systems should create maximum comfort and pleasure of visiting football matches.The leading "football capitals" have already used successfully described IoT-technologies. Oscar Perez-Cordoba Davila, Managing Director of the European Association for Stadium Management LaLiga shared the experience of IoT solutions which are now actively used by football clubs in Spain and can be implemented by Russian colleagues. 

Oscar Perez-Cordoba Davila 

Managing Director of the European Association for Stadium Management LaLiga 

"Clubs use actively innovative solutions to better manage stadiums and mega-events. First of all, these are effective solutions for operational and technical maintenance of arenas. Air drones are actively used. 

Security is one of the main priorities. That’s why special technologies are integrated for preventive purposes, and also for effective interaction between clubs, league and city public security services." 

Oscar Perez-Cordoba Davila will tell more detailed about the possibilities of smart technologies implementation into large sports facilities management and about practical value of such innovations in his speech within the framework of the SMART City stream at IoT World Summit Russia 2017 which will be held on September 19-20 in Innopolis, Republic of Tatarstan . You can learn about participation options for the upcoming summit and gain world leaders experience in the fields of SMART City, SMART Industry, SMART Service, SMART Agro and SMART Technologies by clicking “Registration”. 

Please note that before August 21, you have an opportunity to take an advantage of a special offer for visiting the exhibition and SMART Technologies stream.

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