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There will be the vice-mayor speech of one of the most innovative cities in the world at IoT World Summit Russia 2017

The vice-mayor of the capital of the Republic of Korea, Mr. In Dong Cho, will share the experience of implementation IoT technologies in the infrastructure of a large megacity; will tell about mistakes and also about practical achievements in this direction.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is truly considered as one of the best examples of SMART CITY in the world. It obtained this status due to successful experiments with innovative technologies and their implementation into the management of the city infrastructure.

The organizer of IoT WORLD SUMMIT RUSSIA 2017, Redenex company, believes that the experience of Seoul is important for the progressive development of Russian cities which can make the life of citizens more qualitative and comfortable. That’s why for the first time in Russia within the framework of IoT WORLD SUMMIT RUSSIA 2017 the Vice-Mayor of Seoul In Dong Cho will make his speech and will talk about the creation of the strategy of the "smart" city.

Speaker experience

In Dong Cho

The Vice Mayor, Program Director “Innovative Seoul” Government of Seoul, South Korea

Mr. In Dong Cho will share the experience of implementing BigData technologies into the city infrastructure on the basis of specific cases of one of the most modern and technological cities - the capital of the Republic of Korea – Seoul.

In Dong Cho is the first CEO of Seoul Innovation program (2012-14). Among the key achievements of In Dong Cho is the implementation of MBO systems into the city of Seoul(1998)  and the creation of Quality Assessment System for public service (2002).

After the inauguration of the current Mayor of Seoul, Mr. Park Wonsun, Mr. In Dong Cho has been leading a number of innovative city projects. Among the systems implemented in the city on the basis of BigData platform processing technologies, optimizing the functioning of city transport and also the social protection system for citizens: Sharing City Seoul, Community Formation, Human Rights Promotion, preventive and strategic project for resolving social conflicts, Seoul Sharing Hub, Seoul Innovation Park, Transparent Apartment Community and many others.

The practical values of the implemented IoT projects are saving millions of liters of fuel for city transport, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and also reducing deadly road accidents from 57% to 38%.

Mr. In Dong Cho will act as an honored speaker of the SMART City stream. You can register for participation in IoT World Summit Russia 2017 and gain the experience from world leaders in the fields of SMART Cities, SMART Production, SMART Service, SMART Agro and SMART Technologies in the "Registration" section.

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