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Marat Zolin, “Agrosila”: Successful projects of implementing smart technologies into the development of domestic agro-industrial complex

Marat Zolin, Deputy General Director of JSC “Agrosila” as also Director of Holding Development, will speak at IoT World Summit Russia 2017 within the SMART Agro stream.

At the summit Mr. Zolin will make a presentation on "Intellectual Agriculture" within the framework of the development of the "Agrosila" holding.

It is important to note that “Agrosila” is the leading agricultural producer in Povolzhye. This is a vertically integrated holding which includes enterprises for growing grain crops, poultry meat, sugar and dairy products. Enterprises that are part of the joint-stock company compose important elements for the development of agro-industrial complex for the entire Republic of Tatarstan.

According to our speaker, ”Chelny-Broiler”, which is part of the holding, holds 65% of the poultry market in Tatarstan; "Zainski Sugar" which is also part of "Agrosila", holds 51% of the sugar market; in addition the Seed Plant produces seeds for farming enterprises of the republic and the combine fodder factory supplies mixed fodder to meat and dairy production.

In his speech Marat Zolin will tell in details about the projects related to the direction of SMART Agro which are relatively new for the holding, but are gradually and successfully used in the production work. For example, according to Mr. Zolin, a pilot project was launched in 2017 to implement technologies for "precision farming" in farming enterprises "Agrosila" and the speaker is planning to share that experience in the speech framework at IoT World Summit Russia on SMART Agro stream.

In addition our speaker is planning to talk during the presentation about features of compiling electronic maps of fields, soil maps, in general - mapping yields and collecting field data. Also Marat Zolin will share data on current and planned projects in the field of "precision farming" realized by the “Agrosila” holding in order to create an information base and the subsequent development of the concept of "accurate farming".

Speaker experience

Marat Zolin

Deputy Director JSC “Agrosila”

Marat Zolin graduated from the Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University in 2004 with a degree in financial management. In 2015 he was trained under the program of project management of single-industry towns development in “Skolkovo” management school.

He began his activities in the field of agriculture from the position of Deputy General Director for Economics and Development in the company LLC "Chelny-Broiler" - part of the holding "Agrosila". In framework of the company's development strategy implementation he took part in the management of the project to build the largest Russian poultry processing plant with a capacity of 144 tons per day.

He is in charge now to manage the realization of a number of development projects of the holding. In particular the construction of an elevator complex with the capacity of a one-time storage of 150,000 tons of grain which will enable “Agrosila” to become one of the largest grain-receiving enterprises in the region. Within the implementation strategy framework of import substitution of dairy products, the project was initiated for a livestock breeding complex construction designed for one-time maintenance of 2.5 thousand heads of cattle stock.

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