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Alternative view on the subject of IoT by professional in the field of artificial intelligence Yandex Data Factory

Alexander Khaytin, Executive Director of Yandex Data Factory will speak at the World Summit of IoT Russia 2017 in the framework of SMART Production Stream.

The subject of Mr. Khaytin's report will be: "Industrial Internet of things and artificial intelligence: two parts of a whole". During the presentation and following discussion, the summit guests will be able to find out exactly how the two components are interrelated and why they are equally important for success in the modern high-tech business space.

Also Mr. Khaytin will share his experience how and where to start working with new technologies in order to obtain measurable benefits for business and also will show what practical applications are possible in various industries and how with specific tasks, direct effect and without capital investments optimize complex and pricey work flow.

By our speaker’s opinion it is worth to look at the subject of IoT, not as a "thing-in-itself" but as a source and environment for implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies.

The motivation to find such an alternative way was that many industrial companies approached the subject of Internet of things in isolation, focusing primarily on infrastructure issues and new ways of collecting and transmitting data.

Rendex company, the organizer of IoT WORLD SUMMIT RUSSIA 2017 considers the experience of Yandex Data Factory company invaluable in the field of creating artificial intelligence to solve industry problems. Yandex technologies help to increase productivity and reduce costs from accumulated data.

Speaker experience

Alexander Khaytin

Executive Director of Yandex Data Factory

He was born in August 18, 1970 in St. Petersburg; graduated from the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics of St.PSLD in 1992.

He has been working in IT sector since 1987; was engaged in IT consulting in 2005; managed projects and programs’ projects in large companies for the implementation of complex IT solutions; was a business analyst and a partner of the group of companies “KORUS Consulting”; led a course of information systems management for MBA programs and "Manager" of business school at St. Petersburg International Management Institute.

From 2014 he has been in charge of the project Yandex Data Factory; applies experience and knowledge to promote Big Data and Machine Learning solutions in the corporate market.

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