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Current rating Clutch: TOP-10 IoT-companies of CIS

American research organization Clutch which deals with the analysis and rating of IT companies, has published a new compilation report of IoT companies - developers of the world.

The list includes 201 countries where a special place is occupied by IT - specialists of the CIS space. We have made TOP-10 companies from this list which are actively working in the field of Internet of things on the territory of the CIS.

Current rating Clutch: TOP-10 IoT-companies of CIS

INTEGRA SOURCES    Activity area: 50% IoT development, 30% software development, 10% mobile application development, 10% wearable devices development.   

Russia, Barnaul


CimpleO    Activity area: 10% IoT development, 70% websites development, 15% e-commerce development, 5% mobile application.

Russia, Omsk


Aplana Software Services   Activity area: 10% IoT development, 25% software development, 10% applications testing, 10% e-commerce services, 10% improvement of enterprise applications ; 10% mobile applications development, 10% websites development, 5% BigData projects consulting, 5% cloud services consulting, 5% IT strategies consulting

Russia Moscow


BP Digital    Activity area: 10% developments, 40% mobile applications development, 15% UX/UI design, 10% BigData projects consulting; 10% communications and productivity consulting, 10% web development, 5% web design

Russia Perm


  • INTEGRA SOURCES (Russia, Barnaul). The company is well known as a reliable partner-developer in software and hardware fields. INTEGRA SOURCES specializes in various areas: the development of embedded systems, user software, mobile development, hardware development, robots and, of course, Internet of things which are: development of IoT-devices, cloud solutions, data analysis and machine learning. The main clients of the company are: Simple Robots, GeoMoby, DaVinci Learning, University of East London, Visybl, ION Motion Control, GP2U, Theradome, HappyCode, Handscape.
  • CimpleO (Russia, Omsk). Digital company provides timely decisions for customers with budget programs. CimpleO includes such tasks as websites development, cloud applications, IoT and web services. In addition, the company develops mobile and web applications. The main customers of the company are corporate clients, startuppers, businessmen.
  • Aplana Software Services (Russia, Moscow). The company-developer of software and IT-services. Preferably works with European and North American markets. Focuses on system upgrades, new applications and software development, testing. The success of the company is driven by the use of the best IT practices of the world and also partnership with the leaders in the field of technology (IBM, Microsoft, HP, SAS and Red Hat). Aplana offers digital projects for large international customers: Amadeus, Inrix, Starbucks.
  • BP Digital (Russia, Perm). A well-known company engaged in the development and implementation of IT-projects and mobile applications for business and public authorities. Since 2015 they are in the top 20 developers of mobile applications in Russia according to Clutch. The company creates convenient tools for working with data, comprehensible services for users. That increases efficiency and helps organizations to maintain their leadership in the market due to effective use of technologies.

Current rating Clutch: TOP-10 IoT-companies of CIS

ELEKS     Activity area: 10% IoT development, 55% software development, 35% BigData projects consulting.                                                                                                                    

Ukraine, Lviv


Lemberg Solutions          Activity area: 20% IoT development, 35% web development, 30% mobile applications, 5% application testing; 5% IT strategies consulting, 5% UX/UI design

                                                                                                                                        Ukraine, Lviv


Vakoms             Activity area: 20% IT development, 30% software development, 20% AR/VR development, 10% e-commerce services; 10%  improvement of enterprise applications, 10% mobile applications development

Ukraine, Lviv

  • ELEKS (Ukraine, Lviv).  It’s a reliable global organization that provides complex services for developing software from ideas to finished products. The company implements innovations and creates advanced software products using advanced modern technologies. ELEKS develops software for large customers, optimizes corporate architecture of customers using reliable technology platform. The company is well known in Eastern Europe and also in the US, EU and UK.
  • Lemberg Solutions (Ukraine, Lviv). The company provides services for web development, mobile applications and IoT for agencies, start-ups and innovative enterprises. It was founded in 2007 in London. The company cooperates with clients all around the UK, Europe and the USA. Over the years the company has acquired experience in the field of IT development for tourism, automotive industry and consumer electronics industry.
  • Vakoms (Ukraine, Lviv). It is a software development company operating in the IT market since 2010. The main competences of the company are: web (websites, web applications, API, big data), mobile applications (IOS, Android, hybrid), 3D, virtual reality, expanded reality, embedded systems, Internet of things. Vakoms is highlighted among many of East European software development companies by many start-ups because of the individual approach and excellent price-quality ratio.

Current rating Clutch: TOP-10 IoT-companies of CIS

HQSoftware   Activity area: 40% IoT development, 30% software development, 15% application testing, 10% e-commerce services; 5% AR/VR development                             

Belarus, Minsk


Qulix Systems   Activity area: 30% IoT development, 40% software development, 10% application testing, 10% mobile applications; 10% web development             

Belarus, Minsk


SumatoSoft    Activity area: 20% IoT development, 50% web development, 20% mobile applications, 10% software development                                                              

Belarus, Minsk


  • HQSoftware (Belarus, Minsk). The company develops custom software products, web applications, mobile applications, upgrades obsolete applications, customization and integration of software.
  • Qulix Systems (Belarus, Minsk) is an international company for software development and new technologies testing. Since its creation in 2000 the company team has grown to more than 300 highly qualified IT specialists who provide a wide range of IT services in a number of industry verticals, including banking and finance, communications, insurance, healthcare and social security, e-commerce.
  • SumatoSoft (Belarus, Minsk) is a software development company specializing in the development of complex web projects, mobile and IoT projects. Since 2012 the company has been successfully cooperating with customers such as Toyota & Lexus, Dragon Sourcing, Nectarin, Piavita, MyMediAds, Sous Kitchen, Boxforward and others. The company provides full cycle of software development, starting with the analysis of initial ideas and ending up with end-to-end applications which are fully adapted to the needs of the business.

Innovative and already actively used - developments of “Internet of things” in various spheres of social activities in the directions of SMART City, SMART Agro, SMART Service, SMART Technology and SMART Factory will be discussed within the framework of the IoT World Summit Russia 2017, which will be held on September 19-20 (Kazan, Innopolis). You can register for the most practical IoT event of a global scale in Russia by clicking the link.

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