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“AK BARS” Bank – National Partner of IoT World Summit Russia 2017

“AK BARS” Bank will act as a National Partner of the Summit of IoT World Summit Russia 2017 which will be held in Kazan on September 19-20. The organizer of the summit is the international company Redenex.


“AK BARS” Bank is the leading bank of Tatarstan, one of the twenty largest Russian banks in the volume of assets and equity capital. It covers 27 regions of the country. The Bank serves today more than 3.4 million private individuals and over 80,000 corporate clients.


The Bank is developing according to the world standards of banking services, implementing modern technologies and actively developing innovative financial and non-financial services for its clients. “AK BARS” Bank was one of the first to launch “Mir” payment system cards acceptance in partnership with TaxFree4U. They were the first in Russian banking market to launch a unique mobile online service for VAT refunds for purchases in the EU zone, provided the opportunity to purchase banking services on AliExpress. We can note in the innovative direction the start of such a product as a "Map of a resident of the Republic of Tatarstan" and also the opening of its own innovative laboratory "AK BARS Digital Technologies". Over the past few years “AK BARS” Bank experienced the following significant events: 

  • In 2017 the financial house "AK BARS Persona" was recognized as the winner in the nomination "Best Regional Private Bank 2017".
  • In 2016 “AK BARS” Bank won the Small and Medium Business Support Award "Growth Foundation-2015" in the "Regional Program of the Year" nomination in which the Bank presented "KAMAZ-finance" credit program.
  • In 2015 “AK BARS” Bank was awarded “STP Award 2014” for the impeccable quality of commercial payments and interbank transfers. The bank was designated as the laureate of the "Commerzbank" award - one of the largest financial institutions in Europe.

“AK BARS” Bank is closely integrated into the civil society system. The Bank is constantly working on realization of social and charitable programs. Environmental programs, social and cultural projects, assistance to seriously ill children, charitable donations towards public organizations, medical and children's institutions are the main areas of “AK BARS” Bank patronage activities. 

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