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October 2018
Kazan, Tatarstan
IoT in action: from strategy to results
IoT solutions
+ IoT Leadership Programme от Cass Business School
IoT World Summit Russia 2017 was held in the city of modern technologies Innopolis (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan) - an international event dedicated to the development of key aspects of society's life through the implementation of modern systems and technologies based on the “Internet of Things”. The…
Organizers of IoT World Summit Russia are pleased to represent a new speaker who will act within the framework of the event at SMART Production stream. Technical director of the Forecast Status of Equipment System “PRANA” of “JSC ROTEC” Maxim Lipatov will talk in the framework of his speech about prognostication…
The use of computer technology is the key to a successful future business. The Internet of Things penetrates into all spheres of human life. It is inextricably connected with effective work. World leaders in the field of computerization prove it through their labour and concrete examples of IoT use in…
On the wave of the Internet of Things popularization, giant corporations have been actively developing technologies aimed at optimizing operating processes. This sector was called Industrial Internet of Things. The latest level of communication capabilities opened the way to automation which allows to…
“AK BARS” Bank will act as a National Partner of the Summit of IoT World Summit Russia 2017 which will be held in Kazan on September 19-20. The organizer of the summit is the international company Redenex.   “AK BARS” Bank is the leading bank of Tatarstan, one of the twenty largest Russian banks in the…
  In particular, Oscar Perez-Cordoba Davila will talk about world trends and practical cases on the implementation of IoT technologies in the following areas of the operating activities of sports arenas:  • Maintenance of the stadium  • Operating activities  • Safety and Security  • Advanced multimedia…
According to organizers, up to 1.5 million foreign fans and tourists will attend the final stage of FIFA World Cup which will be held in the summer of 2018 in 11 Russian cities. Such an event is not only a sport extravaganza but also it’s a lot of obligations that are imposed on the host country of the…
Deputy Director General of cooperation with key partners of Tibbo Systems Dmitry Moiseev will give a speech at IoT World Summit Russia 2017 in SMART industry stream with the theme "Creating a cloud service for predictive maintenance of electric motors".  Tibbo Systems is a leading Russian developer of…
Russian developer and supplier of information and communication solutions and services - MTS NVision - has become the Golden Partner of IoT World Summit Russia 2017 organized by the international company Redenex. Working since 2001 on the IT market “NVision Group” has developed a set of technologies,…
On September 19-20 a number of government delegations will arrive in Kazan to participate in the IoT World Summit Russia 2017. Most of the guests invited at the summit are representatives of the ministries of information and economic development and also departments related to the road and transport…
Marat Zolin, Deputy General Director of JSC “Agrosila” as also Director of Holding Development, will speak at IoT World Summit Russia 2017 within the SMART Agro stream. At the summit Mr. Zolin will make a presentation on "Intellectual Agriculture" within the framework of the development of the "Agrosila"…
The golden partner of IoT World Summit Russia 2017 Neoflex, organized by international company Redenex, has become the leading provider of professional services in the field of software development and implementation of complex information systems in Russia. Since 2005 Neoflex has been focusing on the…
American research organization Clutch which deals with the analysis and rating of IT companies, has published a new compilation report of IoT companies - developers of the world. The list includes 201 countries where a special place is occupied by IT - specialists of the CIS space. We have made TOP-10…
One of the world leaders in the field of high technologies, Cisco, prepares annually analytical report on current trends in the direction of "cyber security". The report is issued two times a year and offers results of the data received analysis as well as practical recommendations for improving protection. It’s…
Attention for regional and federal Mass Media representatives! On September 19-20, 2017 IoT World Summit Russia 2017 will be held in the city of high technologies Innopolis (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan). This will be an international event devoted to the analysis of the capability for development of…
Alexander Khaytin, Executive Director of Yandex Data Factory will speak at the World Summit of IoT Russia 2017 in the framework of SMART Production Stream. The subject of Mr. Khaytin's report will be: "Industrial Internet of things and artificial intelligence: two parts of a whole". During the presentation…
The Theory of Industry 4.0 is the idea of ??a new, advanced stage in social development in which the human needs are satisfied in a fully automated mode, thanks to the implementation of smart technologies. We are rather observing now the most important transformations of the 21st century: the possibility…
The organizer of IoT World Summit Russia 2017, international company Redenex, is pleased to announce that Cisco - one of the world leaders in the field of high technologies has become the Golden Partner of the Summit. Cisco is one of the world's largest suppliers of IT solutions for large, medium and…
The vice-mayor of the capital of the Republic of Korea, Mr. In Dong Cho, will share the experience of implementation IoT technologies in the infrastructure of a large megacity; will tell about mistakes and also about practical achievements in this direction. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is truly…
The organizer of the most practical IoT event of a global scale in Russia, Redenex company, is pleased to announce a special offer for early registration at IoT World Summit Russia which will be held this year from September 19 to September 20 in the city of high technologies Innopolis, the Republic…